In Denmark, cars are subject to a 120 % tax. Due to this high tax, the price of importing cars to Denmark is higher compared to other European countries.

The Danish system requires cars to be inspected regularly. Therefore, Danish cars are always well-maintained and display the correct mileage. Any damage caused to the car must be registered in the Danish National Vehicle Register.

What are your advantages as a private customer?

At Engros Biler Danmark, you get more value for your money. We always have over 250 cars in stock and at least 10 new vehicles arriving every day.

In addition to offering good-quality cars and the most attractive prices on the market, you also get a first-class service from us. You will be guided through the buying process from the start until the finish – from the time you find your new car until it arrives safe and sound in your home country with all the necessary paperwork in order. Also, the language barrier is minimal because our sales persons speak more than 6 different European languages.

All our cars are inspected and test driven by our mechanics. Therefore, you always get a precise description of the car’s mechanical and cosmetic condition

You are always welcome to test drive the car yourself. Just let us know when you’re coming and we’ll get the car ready for you to take a test drive.


All cars at Engros Biler Danmark are purchased without warranty – i.e. bought “as is”.

We recommend always test driving a car before you buying it.

Export Plates
Export plates cost €14 per day. If you would like us to collect export plates for you, we will require a €50 commission + the daily fee for the numbers of days you require the export plates. If you would like to arrange plates for the car yourself, you can contact the Danish tax office located in Taastrup/Copenhagen Area, which is +/-20 minutes drive from our office.

If you have found the car you want, reserve it on our website. Then, you will receive an order confirmation for a deposit of €300 / DKK 2,000. The deposit must be paid within 3 working days.

Please be aware that the banking details (transfer details) should be on the same name that is written in the car invoice. Also, the full V-number should be in the invoice which can be found in the order confirmation.

We advise you to proceed with the full payment as soon as possible so the money is received on time before the pickup. Sometimes there can be delays in the banks, and we are not allowed to give you the car before we receive the full payment.

Your deposit will not be refunded unless the sale is canceled because the car differs substantially from the description given in the advertisement.

Please be aware that we accept a maximum of DKK 50,000 (6500 euro) in cash. Larger amounts must be paid via bank transfer or you can pay 6500 euro in cash and the rest of the amount via bank transfer. We prefer to receive all payment via bank transfer. We recommend processing the payment as an “immediate transfer”. This costs €1 in most countries.

Please fill out your personal information, and information about the cars you are looking for